Build A Christmas Stocking

To help with your Christmas stocking packing this year, here is our Troops Wish List.  We’ve outlined how to pack the stocking in order to help you cram as much stuff as possible into it without bursting it at the seams!

Open that stocking wide! We highly recommend a 18″ stocking.

Items for a stocking in order from toe to top:

  • Small can of baked beans OR small flip top canned fruit
  • Socks – 1 pair white or black crew – good pair of socks makes a difference
  • Gum – 1 or 2 packs (placed in snack ziplock or rest of items smell and taste like the gum)
  • Individual pack of tissues (1 or 2 packages)
  • Individual Drink mix (Energy or hydration if possible)- please remove from box & place in snack size ziplock
  • Protein Bars/granola bars – 3 in a sandwich ziplock (requested are bars with high protein… 2 Protein Bars are better than 3 bars without protein)
  • 2 individual packages hot cocoa/ 2 individual packages oatmeal – all in a sandwich ziplock OR some other breakfast item(s) …. it has to travel well, handle bumps & bruises, and need only water to complete
  • Dental kit or SFP Lip Balm – toothbrush, travel size paste, floss &/or lip balm; all in a quart-size ziplock… or just send SPF Lip Balm 
  • Trail Mix,  Dried Cranberries, Nut Mix, or similar item …. Individual size – 1 to 2 
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Small Nerf Ball; funny socks; Small squirt gun (water gun); Deflated beach ball; Small Card game; dice game; small notebook with pen; other game; nail clippers & nail files; 
  • Yes you can add a candy bar but please NO mints
  • And most importantly, write an encouraging card or a short letter of cheer to the happy service person who’s going to get this stocking! It’s especially tough for them to be away from family and friends during the Holiday Season – Stick this inside too!!

Yes you can add a piece of candy or individual bag if you want and have room. Yes, chocolate ships well this time of year.  

If you are able, $24.75 will ship the package! 

Merry Christmas and God Bless Our American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.

Thanks from the bottom of our OCT hearts!